Singh is Bling Review


Story line:

Raftaar Singh is irresponsible man. Due to his mistakes, his father orders Raftaar to go to Goa and work, and learn to take on responsibility. Once in Goa, he impresses his new boss. His boss give him the task of security of Sara Amy Jackson – and thus begins their unique love story. But there is the twist, Mark, a great mafia whom sara is going to marry to save her family. What happens to their love story is movie all about.


The story is most similar to the original movie except few changes. But performance and quality wise its major difference. Akhyay has tried to bring same charm in this movie.Lara dutta has suported him very well but other characters are letting movie down. Music is mostly unwanted except the title track ‘tung tung baje’.

My View:

This movie has nothing to offer more. Kay kay manon’s overacting role is somewhere comic too. but as a villain. Sara Amy Jackson fights well but not that good as katrina in first movie. If you count it as a sequel, it will disappoint you. 



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