Piku review


Piku Banerjee is a Bengali architect who resides in Delhi, along with her 70 year old father, Bhashkor. Bhashkor thinks he has problems of constipation and connects each thing with it. Rana has a taxi business and Piku is his regular customer. Bhashkor has a property in Kolkata which Piku wants to sell. To make the deal Piku and Bhaskar decide to go on journey in Rana’s cab to Kolkata. The movie is based on the journey events around these three character.

The movie has a very short story line but as it is directed beautifully no problem with shortness of the story. The movie has outstanding acting performances and beautiful journey scenes. the beauty of two Indian states Delhi and KolKata is throughout in the movie. Music has lived up during the slowness of the movie and is very good.

As per my view the movie is a bit slower side and a typical family movie without any complications. The second negative point that it has is continuous Bengali English assent which makes you hard to understand what is going on.But the feeling of a daughter for his father and a fight to make him live for her is shown very well and that’s the biggest plus to the movie.

Here  is the trailer:


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