Mr X Review


Two Government agents Raghuram and Siya are honest and about to marry each other. But things turned when Raghuram was forced kill CM by his own agency people and during his survival he becomes invisible. Raghuram has lost his faith from system and he wants revenge for his condition. While Siya still has hope in system and is trying to catch Raghuram. How he will take revenge or Siya would arrest him before. The answers are the plot of the movie.

The story is good and had everything that makes this movie different from hollow-man of Hollywood. Songs are good. Acting is very good. Director has understood each and every character and given justified roles to them. Overall after a long time you see a good suspense movie with some special amazing effects.

Here is the Trailer:

Fast & furious 7 Review


The movie is continuation  of fast and furious 6.  Owen’s older brother, Deckard Shaw (Statham), swears vengeance against Dom and his team. Deckard was once a agent and now his government wants him dead. The ops team, led by Frank ensures dom they will help him get to Deckard shaw. How will Deckard shaw takes revenge and how Dom secures his family is the story all about.
A perfect revenge story written and directed with lots of twits and turns. Action sequence are tremendous. And its fast & furious series movie, so it didn’t end without unbelievable  car stunts. Overall good fun.
The only thing in this movie that i was not sure was that how would the paul’s role through the movie. but that’s where the movie is unbelievable and a perfect tribute to him.
Here is the official trailer :