Roy Review

Kabir (Arjun Rampal), a film maker is making film (GUNS Part III) based on a thief’s life and robberies. He goes to Malaysia to shoot,without any idea or script , where he meets a London based film-maker Ayesha (Jacqueline). Using their interaction and his personality he creates the character of Roy, the thief. but on completion of her movie Ayesha left him and he lost his direction. How would he complete his movie is the base of the movie.


They have tried to make something different in story but it has lived only in moments in the script.  The songs are good. cinematography is very good through the movie. Direction is very bad as the movie does not have a flow throughout. Acting performances are on average scale.

First half is bearable because of our excitement and songs but second half is very torture.

Here is the trailer


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