Badlapur Review


During a bank robbery, Raghu lost his wife and son. Police caught one of the robber and suspect of their death, Lier, who does not give name of his partner for 15 years in police prison. How will Raghu find out who killed his family and how he takes the revenge is the story all about.

There has been lot done in story to make it unexpected film. You can’t predict the next scene and that’s where the story writer has won in a suspense story.Need to give credit  to script writer too as the punches are throughout and they made the story more effective. Only few songs but everyone special. Performances are superb. Credit goes to direction too as the pace of movie throughout is fast, which makes this movie look different from others.

Movie is for 18+. But the performance has made it more alive than 18+ scenes.

Here is the trailer, Enjoy.



Roy Review


Kabir (Arjun Rampal), a film maker is making film (GUNS Part III) based on a thief’s life and robberies. He goes to Malaysia to shoot,without any idea or script , where he meets a London based film-maker Ayesha (Jacqueline). Using their interaction and his personality he creates the character of Roy, the thief. but on completion of her movie Ayesha left him and he lost his direction. How would he complete his movie is the base of the movie.


They have tried to make something different in story but it has lived only in moments in the script.  The songs are good. cinematography is very good through the movie. Direction is very bad as the movie does not have a flow throughout. Acting performances are on average scale.

First half is bearable because of our excitement and songs but second half is very torture.

Here is the trailer


Shamitabh Review


Dhanush, a man who can not speak, want to be an actor. Amitabh  is an old man who came to become actor in mumbai but refused due to its heavy voice. They met and Amitabh became Dhanush’s voice. What will be the result of this mixture is what this picture all about.


The story line is very simple and that’s only the weak link in the movie. Amitabh and Dhanush have given their everything that put the film performance to some other level. The movie is too slow. Interesting punch lines in first half, but repeatable second half story makes the movie predictable.

Here is the trailer of the movie: