Dolly ki doly Review


A girl from Delhi, fake name Dolly, marries to the groom and on the first night she makes the whole family of groom drink drug added milk and then rob the house. Why is she doing this and would police be able to catch her is the story of the movie.

The story is simple and trailer tells everything about the movie. The music is on average scale. Performances are good. But due to the lack of power in story makes the movie boring in the second half.

here is the trailer for you:



Baby Review


Due to continuous terrorist attack, Indian government started a secret program named Baby and put it in trial for 5 year. The story is about catching the wanted terrorist Mohammad.

The full credit goes once again to story writer and script writer for making such simple idea to hold you on your seat till last second. Performances are outstanding.

The beauty is that without much electronic devices like in bond series, there are action sequences and chase on the same level.


Alone Review


sanjana and ranjana are connected (body) sisters lives in kerala. Karan and sanjana loved each other from childhood. ranjana also loves karan and be very jealous of sanjana. sanjana make an operation to free her self from ranjana. In that operation ranjana  died. Her hometown has memories of her sister. so she moved to mumbai after marrige with karan. Accidentaly she needs to get back to kerala. and now ranjana tried to kill her.  But there are secrets in sanjanas life. what are the secreats and would ranjana be able to kill her is the base of the story.


The story is predictable with unpredictable end and suspense at end. Performances are good. The first half is repeat of raaz but scary. The second half is somewhat different and has unimaginable twists which opens up the characterization well. Songs are calm and good.

I review


Diya is a super model.John is his co actor. john continues to tried flirt with diya. Lingesan is a body builder and big fan of Diya. As diya avoids the john, john replace her from her all advertisement. Then Diya convert the Lingesan in a modal and tried to be in the industry with his left advertisement. During that they fall in love. but in this world, while reaching on success , Lingesan makes some enemies. they infected him with virus called I. And what happen to Lingesan and to his enemis and to diya is what movie all about.

The story has full power to make you sit on your sits till end with interest. Cinematography is beautiful through out the movie. Acting performances are higher then any thing i have expected. the only thing that is unsuitable is when the movie is dubbed in hindi the songs lost its magic. I think shankar, the story writter gets all the credit for the movie.


Tevar Review


Our hero, pintu, is a Kabaddi palyer of Agra who can’t tolerate insult of woman. A gangster, Bahubali , from Mathura fall in love at first site with a girl Radhika. and wanted to marry her forcefully.  When his brother oppose it he kills his brother. Her family tried to send her to Delhi from where she can go to US, far away from bahubali. Bahubali catches her at bus stand and tries to take her back when pintu save her from him and the chase begins. Is Radhika able to reach US or she falls in love with pintu or Bahubali get her , all this is the story all about.

Script writer has just take a hit south Indian movie and dream it in UttarPradesh. Music is good but loud. and too many songs fails the movie. Direction is very good. Very few movies are shoot behind taj. it makes it look beautiful. For performances, they lift the movie to another level. Exceptionally well.

Overall nothing new but the intensity of first half keeps you on the toe till end.