PK Review


An alien, PK (amir) was sent to earth for research. He has a locket to contact his people. on landing that locket was stolen by a thief. How he get back the locket, how he survives on earth and what he has learn while he was on earth is the base  of the story.

The main cost they might have paid is for story. All the credit to the story writer. Otherwise the movie is mostly shoot in Rajasthan and Delhi.First half is full of comedy, while second has a message against blind faith in religion saints. Performances are too good. The songs are good and well placed in the movie. Direction is also good. finally they have succeeded to create an alien comedy.  The movie keeps you hold till last moment.

I can say at last we have a movie in 2014 that was different and The story was out in messages to me and i have read them too but let me tell you that when you actually watch the movie its all washed away. it just let you with it. It surprise you with common things.


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