The Secret of Paan(betel)


Someday before I ate Paan at a local shop. It was amazing. The full time I was thinking about it. There was something special. I went to visit it again and ordered a paan again. He started to make it. He took 2-3 minutes to make a single paan. And then he gave it to me and I found the same test.

It was nothing special at all and everything was special. It was the art of the making paan. It was the waiting time of what you have desire. In this 21st century everything is at our fingertip. We have missed the joy of the earning things by our self. I was missing that and with that paan I found it and got the joy of it with the taste of paan.

There was one more thing that was special about it and it was the art to make something in classic style. The making of paan or the art that man contain. There are so many creative people around us but they never get the right price or praise of their art. With the taste of his paan I also give him the satisfactory face which brings smile on his face and that is more important to him.


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