Happy New Year Review


Mohanlal, a reputed diamond safe maker was corn by grover. He was found guilty and arrested. His son charlie wants to take revenge. He makes a plan to steal 9 diamonds from grover of 300 Crores. To make his plan successful he need to participate in a dance championship and reach till semi finals to execute his plan.He makes team with local guys. The plan execution is the base of the story.

There is script behind somewhere but I couldn’t found it. The direction is superb as there was some role for everyone. There were twist and excitement till last second. The music is very good and Cinematography is totally amazing. As for  the acting performances, it was exceptionally good. The only negative part is first half could be boring due to repeated dialog of famous movies of the shahrukh. plus its too slow starting. But once the story get the speed Its all fun. Full to Entertaining.


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