Happy New Year Review


Mohanlal, a reputed diamond safe maker was corn by grover. He was found guilty and arrested. His son charlie wants to take revenge. He makes a plan to steal 9 diamonds from grover of 300 Crores. To make his plan successful he need to participate in a dance championship and reach till semi finals to execute his plan.He makes team with local guys. The plan execution is the base of the story.

There is script behind somewhere but I couldn’t found it. The direction is superb as there was some role for everyone. There were twist and excitement till last second. The music is very good and Cinematography is totally amazing. As for  the acting performances, it was exceptionally good. The only negative part is first half could be boring due to repeated dialog of famous movies of the shahrukh. plus its too slow starting. But once the story get the speed Its all fun. Full to Entertaining.

Sonali Cable Review


An Internet providing company needs to survive in the change of globalization in market. How and what challenges are there is the base story of the movie. An innovative story of a woman courage, friendship values and Indian politics effect on local business.

The film has an innovative story but movie couldn’t reach to the expected level due to the love story mixture. But the director has taken the excitement till the end. songs are good. Acting performances are good as well.

Haider Review


A young man returns to his home Kasmir where militry has taken away his father. On reach he came to know his mother has affair with his uncle. He began search for his father and came to know from terrorist his uncle has arrested his father. while his uncle said him that terrorist have killed his father. at the same time his mom marries his uncle. Whom to believe and what to do is the story all about.

There is lots of in story which makes movie intense. Songs are good. Performances are extraordinory. The beauty of kasmir is shown in this movie which is undescriptive. The only thing that the movie is too slow and it has too much that were not required at all. But for the intensity of story it is watchable.

Bang Bang Review


Movie is originally based on Knight and Day of Holywood. The story writer have challenge to make it look like bollywood still it has same intensity as the original one. I think Story Writer has done his job and given best script.

As for the direction, I was not dissapointed with action. There are lots of new action scenes of hollywood category. There is beauty in camera work too. Each scene has its own beauty. Acting Performances are superb and last and of most songs are too good. Dance will catch your eyes too. Overall a good movie to enjoy.