Desi kattey Review


Two men born and brought up together with Desi kattey. Suddenly there life have an option of getting better life and make career as shooter. One of them choose the option and the other choose the same life. Where the path lead them is the base of the story. The story is very predictable.

It looks like story writer has taken some old movie and taken the story. The direction is poor. There are unwanted song and emotional moment. As for the acting i would say most of the time it was over acting. It looks like they want to create Gunday with some modifications but they were totally failed.

khoobsurat Review


A love story of Physiotherapist and a prince is a base of the story. How they met and How their love story be completed is what all the fun.

The story is simple and credit goes to the story writer for giving a story which has simplicity with something in it to kept your interest in the movie. Director has done its best to show you the current royal life in India and the beauty of Rajasthan. Songs are the heart of the movie and are superb. Performances are better than expected. It gives you happy feeling at the end of the movie.The only negative part is the too much attention given to make it like love story. The movie goes flawless and you just need to sit back and enjoy.

Daawat-E-Ishq Review


I thought the movie has only songs when i watch the trailer. But Section 498-a – dowry(dahej) law is the base line of the movie. gulrez is highly qualified girl and at the age of marriage. Her father wants to marry her but they do not have enough money to give. This is where everything started and how section 498-a relates it , for that you need to watch the movie.

A perfect story , superb direction, super hit songs and last but not least unbelievable acting performances. I have really not expected it. It gives shock, make you feel love and also make you angry. at the same time the food recipes make you jealous.

Finding Fanny Review


“Sometimes you have to try to get your love…” The dialogue says everything about the movie. a letter Returns after 46 year without posted in which furnando has proposed to fanny. Now furnando and his friends tries to find what fanny would have said if it would have posted. The story is simple.

The story writer could not do more but script writer has power to improve the script. Movie is not flawless, there are bumps of excitement, comedy and suspense but the road is really boring. All the characters have played their role and songs are good too. Too much slowness of the movie will still your interest from movie.

Mary Kom Review


The life struggle and journey of Indian Boxer mary kom is the story line of the movie. By watching movie I can say mary kom is natural Boxer and I really feel that India have potential to generate hundreds of great athletes.

I can say story writer have tried to give emotional touch to the movie and can be feel through all movie. I have some issue with direction as the movie have too many songs in the first half. Though songs are good but the number could be cut down. Plus the more focus is given to emotional struggle. But after all its priyanca chopra, who lift the movie with her acting skills. just be one with mary kom , that’s all I can say…