Mardaani Review


Sivani Sivaji roy is an honest and risk taking CBI officer who came across a case of girl child export network and then how she faces the challenge is the base line of the movie.

The story writer has produced a character and rani has given life to that character through her acing. She has proven one more time how much capable she is. As a directors prospective movie is slob but keep you on your toe what will happen next. A very cruel reality is the only weak point that this movie has. It makes you sad watching on screen that our great India is on such a way!!! The plus point is the beautiful direction of  what police character is and how it can work inside the line of the law.

Singham Returns Review

Singham Returns

What are the current behavior of common people with the police is shown in the movie. Honesty of Mumbai police and helplessness of the people and system towards them is the baseline of the story.

Total credit goes to the script writer. He has given the director full scope for action scene while putting some space for social messages and love story. Rohit has used action sequence very well specially with machine guns. Performance are very good. And the best thing director didn’t play with music. background is same as the first part. plus no addition item song. You can expect action plus love story plus comedy. Full to entertainment.