Kick movie Review


Devi Lal (salman) is a man who lives for excitement or in his word kick. One of his kick takes him to shina and he fall in love. while there is a second face of devi lal, that’s devil which takes him to himanshu, the Indian cop, who wants to catch him. what happens to their love story and what happens to catch and why the devil created is the base of the story.

A superb story but poor direction through first half. whenever you are on the edge of your seat, it slips in love story and makes you bore. but second part is unexpected and very well directed. I feel the first half is boring due to overload of songs too. though some songs are very nice but some just let down story. Performances are excellent with superb dialogs. What is more unexpected is the role played by mithun.superb. it takes movie to some other level.

Hate Story 2 Review


this is story of a miserable mistress of a political leader or our villain. She met a boy and fall in love with him. villain kills the boy and try to kill her too. she survived and now its time for revenge. how she takes the revenge is the main story line.

Story line is simple but director has tried to show the things from the mistress angle. I think director can’t do much justice to this story. performances are on average skill except our villain. He has given everything he has to make his character feel us worst. the music let down the movie too except aaj fir song. The only thing the movie surprises you will be the first half hour. No body can imagine such twists. If you wanna watch movie then see for that only. don’t expect any expose in this movie.

Need For Speed Review


A race deleon was organized by one stranger and winner takes all the cars and the money. there is our villain need to win this for his financial condition and hero to have his revenge. why he wants revenge is the story line.

After watching fast & furious i was thinking what else could be shown in the racing movie. And i got my answer in the need for speed. A typical revenge story where street racing and stunts will take you to the end of your seat.


Double Attack review


cherry the hero meets don’s sister and he fall in love with her. don tried to kill him and follow him when he killed dig police. who is cherry actually? what happened too her love story ? story line is typically south Indian cinema type totally action packed.

I can see each known face of south Indian star in this movie. But the hero ram charan has shown his angry man look one more time. And because its south Indian movie action looks and speaks louder in the movie then the love story.

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania Review


A girl kavya, who is going to engage to an NRI guy came to Delhi for her wedding purchase on her own money. she met a boy humpty who helps her and while they fall in love. Rest story is similar to DDLJ with twists and some modifications. There is no weight in story which kept you on your seat.

direction of the movie is very bad or can say the budget is very low. Whole movie seems to have directed in one house.Varun have played different kind of role. Alia looks superb but she becomes predictable in such role.  There were unwanted drama situations with lots of unwanted songs. Overall the movie doesn’t satisfy when you get out of theater.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review


Humans are suffering to survive after the virus got out of apps. While apps have their own world separated in jungle. there is peace between two of them. but one day humans reach to the jungle and killed an app. What are they doing there? What will happen to then? will peace survive? The story have lots of suspense.

The story of the movie is good and direction is very well focused. the movie captures your attention till the last moment. There was action, emotion but most of them is trust. Trust between animal and human. One more side of spices is shown and that is selfishness and is shown very well. i would say its total entertainment.