Transformers Age of Extinction Review

Transformers were made to get knowledge of different galaxy. And those who have made them now wants to finish them. Other side humans are trying to develop their own transformers from the knowledge of the remaining part of mega-tron. Humans and the hunter send from the leader have made deal and they are hunting down auto-bots. what will be the outcome of this fight is the movie all about.

Too much action pack, but very bad decision of changing the characters. They have tried hard but can not be one with machines or i can say i loved the old characters overacting more. they have tried to enter a emotional feel by adding father and daughter relation. which is boring in 3d. too boring if u ask me. Plus first half hour of the movie you don’t get the idea what they are showing. and that’s not all they have put last half hour throughout action and 3D scene. A total mess that’s what i would say.


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