The Treasure Part-2



It was a Monday morning. He was waiting for college bus. There were some girls who shared the stop with him. He give a smile to them. In a response he gain a question that does he had the bus owner no? He gave the no. He has not expected such result so he sat there on a bench as always like a dead.

and then the girl return there with a diary in her hand. she gave the diary with a thank you with it. The boy asked her to sit. and she called her friend and they start their gossip again. He heard them laughing and becoming serious. sometimes he wanna know what happened next. And the bus came.

And that day was very long for him. He created so many “hi” relations. After that day he give and get “hi”,”good morning”, “good night” etc. there was change in his life. Now people know he exists. About a year or so has passed but still the fun part was missing.

There was a good thing in his life that his seat was reserved in the class and the bad thing was every day he gets a new guy besides him. And that day was very bad. There was result came a night ago. the boy got bad grades. and what a co-incidence he got the bench mate who scored second in the college.

the boy used to make notes in the class and the scored boy asked him why are u wasting paper. The boy give a serious answer that he reads the notes on exams as he didn’t understand the books. the scored boy was surprised. He got never answer of his questions before. And that day the boy has lots question came to his way. the day was very embarrassing for him when professor ask them their results.

The day passed but what u know the boy get the same bench mate.he has to handle the rest of the question and embarrassment was  through the week. But it became regular to him. It was a Monday again. But it was different. the boy missed his bus. He returned home. that day he found that fun missing feeling again. He was surprised as whole week he never feel that.

He understand that we have right to choose our friends but some are special who are sent to be in life. and they are the treasure in your life through which u can feel joy.


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