The Treasure Part-1


The Boy enter in to the room. It was the new life called college. It’s not new for him to walk across new faces as he has changed so many schools. But the first time of college was different. There was excitement that how the college is going to be different? Is there fun like all movies shows?

He didn’t find the difference on that day or that whole week. It was a Sunday. A call came to him. It was his last school guy. He and some other were going to meet at a restaurant. He want to say no but he couldn’t. He didn’t believe in anyone or trust anyone. But they all have some bond which he didn’t know.

He meets them. Everyone have joined to new college. all of them are in different field. But one question was asked to him by all of them how are the girls in your college. But they all know how much serious type was he. and his answer was “they are scholar and beautiful. Excellent in study but very rude.”

The next question was have you made any new friends. some of them are in hostel so they have roommates. Some were expert with girls so they have a group already. He was silent as he hasn’t take this step. No one notices him and they have the final question what do u want to eat? then he returned.

(so what he will do now and what will happen … continues….)


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