Let It Go

Have you seen her like this before? the boy asked to himself. It was a college function. Mostly people have headed to their home as they allowed but few who wants to participate and someone who can’t decide what to do are still in the college.

There was a competition rounds. The arrangement was done by the group of girls. The function has started and all those who are present were watching it. girls were announcing the games and the rules. But no one was dared to participate in it.

And suddenly she gathered the group and they started playing for them. Then they have joined professors. The boy was one of the crowd, a no confidence guy. The games started and the girls started to compete with each other. the boy has never seen such confidence in anyone. They have left their self behind and they are totally in that what they are doing.

Though he had not participated but at the end of the function he feels like he won. Its not about confidence or winning or loosing or even participating. Its all about enjoying. Living is not just to breath, sometimes its to let everything go. Living is all about enjoying and the boy was won because he learned how to enjoy….


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