The Picnic


Hi i am bunny. I am in class VII. I have just come back from my first ever picnic. It was in shanku’s water park. Its too hard to go on picnic. I have to wake up at 6 o’clock. My dad drop me at the school as i miss the pic up wan. But it was mom’s fault. she hasn’t ready the breakfast.

I met my pirate club member chiku. We are the registered members of pirate club. No other person is allowed to join and no one is allowed to leave. although we have to sit according our roll no but we sat together always. As a captain i took the window seat.

Professor mathur take our attendance. He is our math teacher. I don’t like him. he is always serious. He tried to move me from my seat. But my angel professor sima hold him back and the pirates win. She is our history teacher and she understand us well. I have offered her the membership too. its only open for her.

we reach at water park and he took the attendance again. Silly man. how could any one be missing on running bus. But he never learn. We enjoy some rides but most of them were closed for us as we have age problem. Why they have open such big water park when they don’t allow us to go in?

However we get free candy’s. We eat so fast that we get the two. Professor sima has noticed but she didn’t tell. she never tells our secret. But then she takes the second one too. I see that. But i won’t tell anyone, not even chiku.

Then he took attendance again and we return home. It was my first picnic so i was not sure about what to bring. but next time i will bring my camera and takes lots of pictures and will show everybody.


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