Worst Fear of mine

Many people won’t believe but What I am most afraid of is “saying No”.  Last week i was at the mall. We have purchase some goods. We reach to payment counter for the bill. we don’t have change so the counter man give us some chocolate for change and other cash return. I was surprise seeing chocolates for the change.

I look at the counter behind me. I see the same problem with other person. He was looking in his pocket for change. I gave him my chocolates and the counter man was surprise now. He say we do not accept this. I see to the counter man who gave me the chocolates. I gave him his chocolates back and take the change.

I could have directly say no to accept chocolates and ask for change. But then i have to explain to my self and him why. saying No is an art and some people are gifted with it. But as for me i have to take long routes everyday….


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