Zero-The Serial Killing Mystery Part-III


Before 3 years..

It was their 3rd anniversary. Johanna and Omar had fight last night.Omar didn’t like that Johanna meet bill as his mental condition was very serious. Omar had birthday after four days. he was panning a secret party. But Johanna was totally forget that as she was mentally tired after every day fight with Omar. she join bill in the medical treatment .

That day she met bill in the session and tell him her condition. bill suggested her to meet a lawyer and get divorce. Days past and Johanna secretly settled the divorce arrangement. When she came home with lawyer and bill, there was dark in the house. She turn on the lights. There were beautiful cake on the table and Omar was waiting for her.

At that moment she remind that it was Omar’s 30th birthday. But she was not able to live with Omar a single more day. she gave Omar a present that Omar never imagined, A divorce paper. She ask him to sign them.Omar slapped on her face very badly and was going to slap her again when bill take the knife beside the cake and put it on Omar’s neck.

Omar calm down in a second,he signed the papers. Johanna took the papers and rush out of the home. bill throw the knife on a painting of Omar and Johanna’s wedding and he’s got the devil’s smile on his face and he left the house. Bill just stared her love go away…..

After a year…

It was their wedding anniversary day . He was completely changed in a year. As policeman he was became too serious and got  promotions but in his mind he was lost. His split personality became heavy on him that day. He were the gloves and took out the knife from the painting. He start the car and drove it towards Johanna’s home.

In the path, he saw Johanna entering in a club. He stop the car and rush towards her. when he reach in to the club, He couldn’t find Johanna. But he found a lady enjoying her 30th birthday. He lost his balance and as he got chance he killed her. He feel so revealed that night. And this became his secret identity.

Each year, from their anniversary to his birthday his secret identity lived up on night and he kills woman who turn 30. He could kill Johanna any time but he waited for her turning 30. On that night he followed Johanna from his home, he killed her on 12. and then throw the knife there.

bill was given guilty and was given hand till death. After that Omar became normal. He found himself again. but he has lost his love forever…..


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