Unheard Voice


It’s the last semester. The friend are going to leave behind and i know life will move on but this one for u friends:

[English Sub of Video]

Waited long for this day , Have done future planning so long,

We were in hurry to go out,To meet the next stage of life.

But don’t know why something else coming to my heart,want to stop the time.

The things for which we were cry about, laugh comes on those things now.

don’t know why remembering those moments today very badly,

I was used to say i have tolerated four year very hardly

But today feels like something is left behind.

so many told-untold talk left behind, unforgettable memories left behind.

don’t know whose going to tease me now, who will follow me to give me headache

who will fight for change when hundred are ready,

who will study whole night together.

who will eat my lunch without my permission, who will give me new names.

whom i will fight without reason, with whom i discuss without topics.

who will give courage on failure, who will blame on having good result.

with whom i will share my slice, with whom i will leave my happy days.

where do i find such friends who give push in the valley and then jump to save you.

who will troubled with my poetry, who will jealous seeing me with girl.

who will tell bro you are not funny, who will tap on shoulder and tell look ahead.

with whom i will play carom, with whom i will share boring lectures

who will laugh like devil on professor’s pj , who will fall in the trick of “the last to reach will give treat”

who will dare to call my certificates garbage, who will dare to give true advice.

with whom i will go on to the stage, How i will tell juniors unnecessary lecture.

suddenly laugh badly on seeing someone without reason- don’t know when it will repeat, tell me friends it will happen.

when will be able to fight professor for friends, can we able to do this again?

who will go to eat parantha at 2 at night, who will bet to drink 3 glass of lassie.

who will give me confidence of my ability, who will show me reality in over confidence.

who will really happy in my happiness, who will be really sad in my sadness.

who will read this poem, who will really understand it.

to many memories are remain to write, either some company is still left.

only one thing i fear friends, don’t we become strangers friends.

in the color of life, the color of friendship  become dry,

it might happen in the race of the relation, friendship left behind

lets complain in life of meeting, if can’t meet try to remember.

how much you laugh on me today, i will not take it seriously.

i will store this laugh in my heart, and when i will miss you,

i will laugh with this memories….


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