Zero-The Serial Killing Mystery Part-II


The air became heavy in stallion club. The investigation team has moved body and taken the evidence. Omar called Johanna’s friends to the station next day. He throw some photograph on the table and asked if they knew anyone. They see the photograph, beautiful faces are there. they denied but asked who are they?

Omar throws some more one but in this one all the ladies neck were bleeding just like Johanna’s. the only common thing was all of them were they all were turned 30 on their murder night. this murders were started few years ago. The serial killing done only for four days and after each murder the number of zero increase i.e  0, 00, 00:0 and 00:00. Then Everything Became Normal.

A officer came to Omar and give him the forensic report envelop.  He took out a bag of evidence from envelop and put in front of them and said but yesterday was different. the killer had made a mistake. He threw his knife in club’s dustbin after killing Johanna. And he is one of you. He open the forensic report and give a dangerous look at bill.

Bill loved Johanna but she married Omar.  after that he has psychic attacks sometimes and he was consulting for that. But even he didn’t know he would have done this under this attack. he yelled i didn’t do anything. everyone was afraid after that and suddenly he takes the knife and cut his neck.

Officers around him take him directly in the car and to the nearest hospitals. Lisa said Omar that bill was with him full time. he hadn’t killed Johanna. Omar looked to her and said then who’s real killer…




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