Its Time to Move On


its not that i was right and what i have done was a bravery. But sometimes i feel what i would do if i return back to same situation. But still i will say that’s it. its fine with me.

I have joined the company. My first job. A job with no workload , no pressure and no time restriction. I thought i found a fairy tail’s home. But fairy tail’s house are good when you are new to it.Same happened to me , i lost the joy and just working. I always search for the reason why? It might be due to my over excitement, or no promotion or the laziness which was the outcome of this job. But somehow i managed my outputs.

Its been year or so passed and i have asked for the promotion to my boss. whenever i ask he had excuses. It was the Saturday, we were in his cabin for reporting of the day. I have completed something which could have taken a month or so. My seniors were telling them about that. He gave me words for appraisal. and i suddenly ask for increment. there was peace like i have asked his life.

Suddenly he awake from this, and said we will give u promotion when your performance increases. I ask then what was the few seconds ago u said. he had same excuses. I heard them as far i can and then i say then that’s it. its fine with me. I resign.

I don’t know how that courage had come to me. It was the first independent decision of my own life. I found my character that day and i moved on. even if anyone ask me to revisit that day i would do the same.

Note: Of course i pay the price of my decision.  But i get what i am happy with.


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