My great grandfather was one of the best businessman in our whole generation. He came to the village having few money and he has developed a mill in the village of tobacco. He has made a whole area by his name.

But I born and brought up in that old house. the house was actually made from sand and the wood of sag. The roof has steel sheet. But the most architectural mind was used in the cooling mechanism. It has lots of windows. It has a small plantation in the back area. some plants were for prayer and some were used in the food.

Generally at that time people were not aware of toilets but my home got three. But my most favorite thing in this home was swing. there was a big swing in the entrance hall. My all time on home gone on that swing whether i do homework or watching television.

Now days i live in a bigger home at town on rent. But i still feel that my old home had more architectural design and style than this super built up houses.


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