My Favorite Meal


Its so much developed now. you can have everything in hotels and other shops for food. Even they have make some packing food which is going to ready in no time. but its taste is not that good of the test of waiting for long time and you have the food.

When i was child, there was not such development for food business. in my home we have a Sunday special menu for meal. I wait for the Sunday to have the special dishes. But my dish was extra special as it was always made during monsoon , so i have to wait little longer to have it, my favorite Dokla.

Its an south Indian dish. it taste slightly acidic. we eat wit oil, pepper chutney and imli chutney. i ate it in so rush that even before my mom complete the second dish i have completed whole plate. My dad used to say me easy son, your dhokla are not going to run anywhere. And we all laugh on that together.

now days we all have dinner on separate times but still we sit together for Sunday lunch. And when we have dhokla , i remind the memories and think it taste same throughout this all years then why i was changed so much….


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