Visit Of Temple


It was new year eve and we decided t o visit the temple with my family for having a blessed new year. most of the time people use to visit temple when they need something or are in the position that they are not able to face. There are also some people who just visit temples just because it is said in their region. I believe the temples are the place to be one with yourself.

The temple have hundreds of visitors that day.But i still can see the discipline in them. they were following the queue to enter and exit. I conclude that most of them are free today evening so they are not in hurry. We entered in temple and the first thing you notice is the decoration of beautiful. a mahatma was chanting some mantra on mike. there was a light music playing. It supported the mantras and make that effect magical. It touch direct to the heart.

after some waiting we reach in front of the god. They were looking so beautiful that i forgot to prey i just continue to look at them. The cameras are not allowed there but they have permitted for this evening prayer. The environment change in a second when they announced its time for prayer, the music became louder and the people starts to ring the bell. the mahatmas voice was shut and the pandit start prayer. People start shooting video and pictures.

People became so crazy that we have to rush to the outside to take breath. The discipline was gone as prayer started. The people wants to became part of it and the temple became so crowded. For a second i thought that even god can’t help this people. I hope People understand during and on completing prayer god is not going to change. The evening had its magic and we move on to our plan.


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