Give & Take At My View

Its not new these days when a beggar came to me and ask for some money to give him.some day ago,same happens. he was saying give me something and god will give you double. I like the scheme and for a moment i thought let me give him 1000. But on second thought i say please forgive me but if someone is going to give me something then i would like that it would be for my capability of work. we both smile on my dialog and he gone to someone else.

Give and take works perfectly if you remove your ego. i.e. mostly when i travel i give a smile whenever i get chance. in return i get a bigger smile. But this days , people are becoming like machines specially youth. They are always on their mobiles listening to their music and just keep going. They are so far away from real world. they have forgotten how to smile.

I have found a nice quote :

Life is not give and take relation. The more you give the more it takes. If you take “take” out of equation , you will have give and give out better every time.



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