Ram – part of behind the schene


I was on my friends marriage at a small village. I was invited one day before marriage.I reach there at afternoon. We took lunch and then we go to sleep. This was the first time i saw ram. He was with his partner jivanbhai. he had a heavy bag on his shoulder which he put in corner as soon as he entered in room. He took out charger and put the cell to charge. On that moment i guess that he is from video shooting team.

That evening, I was sitting outside the house as there were too many people in house to take part in haldi event. as it  was completed ram and jivanbhai came outside and sit beside me in empty chair. they both have different cameras. I ask about it. ram was taking pictures while jivanbhai was shooting a video film. first time in my life i take a good look at professional camera. But his eyes were red and there were tiredness through his body.

I asked him when and how did he started? i was in shock when i heard He was only four standard pass and he was joined in a studio at age of 12. He learn everything there and for last 20 years he is been in this field. He was the only one in around 10 village who knows how to operate professional camera. he has photographed over 80 type of cast people marriage.

He was so experienced and in love of his profession that he was continuously photographing since three days and night. He got sleep just this afternoon. I was amaze that such talented people are never come in front as they always are in behind the scene.


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