A truck was loading and a family was shifting to town from village. There was a boy standing near the truck unaware why they were shifting. His best friends house was just opposite of road. when the friend saw the truck loading he came to the boy. friend has only one question and he ask him when will you come back? He just says goodbye.

The boy shifts to a highrise flat scheme. He first time sees so many people in a building. There were so many new things , new roads , lift , vehicles, traffic rules and much more. as time passes the boy learn every thing. He also understand the language of  money. Now he just live to be rich.he understand everything except how people be friends with each other.

But sometimes he has a call from his friend. he ask how he is and the same question when will he come back? the boy now replies no time,its too fast life here. I am so busy. And the call ends. but as soon as the call ends the boy feel a pain in his heart and boy says my heart is always there. if i came back i might have it back and again i believe on friendship and again it breaks. Its better that its with you because i know you will take good care of it. And he makes himself busy in city life.


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