An encounter with letter


Everyday its the way which takes me there and bring back to home safely. But today was different. I was coming home and i see a girl was in the dark and trying to unlock her bicycle. I saw her but didn’t help her. I continue my walk to next corner and i realize i should have help her with light in my mobile.

I return with full energy but there was no one. I was happy that she was able to do it independently and same moment i was sad that i was afraid of little girl or become so selfish that i can’t feel her problem. With heavy heart i start walking down same path.

A few steps far i see an new envelop. I take it but there was no address on it. I open it. there was a slip of payment of 5000 and a letter. this was the letter:

Sorry mom, i lost the job and i have no money to send you this month. Please take care for this months expenses with the help of someone.

I was surprise to see the letter as i have slip of 5000 in my other hand. when i turn the letter there was also something written.

Hey friend. I am the thief that took your purse. I see 500 in it with your envelop. I have send money to mom. do not worry about job. I will send her money for 3 months. you know why because mom is mom.

I just stopped there for while and search around for someone to give the envelop.but there was only my heavy heart….



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