zero-the serial killing mystery


The clock shows 11.15 in Johanna’s watch. She was a struggling model and a divorced lady around 29 of age. on 12 o’clock her its her 30th birthday was going to start. she was out of her house and waiting for her friends for her treat in the stallion club.

The street still had some people coming from their job. Johanna look the other side of the road and she got a smile on her face.Her friends were there in the Scorpio. Dany, jacob, lisa, bill, carla and aj were waiting for her in the car. They all work at same modeling studio and were almost friends come competitors.

They reach at the club at 11.40. Johanna felt that its going to be her best birthday ever in her life. They join the other people as there was some minutes left before 12. they have almost pairs except johanna. she was dancing just between three pairs. the music became loud and everyone just loosen their bodies. at 11.58 lisa and bill go at bar counter for taking the bear bottles. carla and aj go for washroom for fresh up. johanna were dancing with dany and jacob. both wants to dance with her.  so they started pushing each other and suddenly they were fighting with each other.

As soon as bill and lisa came back , they handle the boys. it takes some moments for them to calm down , but when they see there Johanna was lying on the floor with her neck full of blood and the blood had made 00:00 on the floor….

in an half an hour police came to the site. There was inspector omar, ex-husband of Johanna. A typical jealous frame of mind men with muscular height-body. As soon as he arrives he said we were too late. How could i didn’t get the clue……


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