Three Songs of Enjoyment


When I see the my current life, I can say 100 of songs are my favorite. Even if i see my mobile songs list i found that much.But still i was sure in a moment that which three are going to be on my list as soon as i read the title.I am really surprise about this as i am not so much confident in life ever this much about here are the three of the best i choose:

No 1: We Own it (Fast & furious 6)
This songs gives me the energy. whenever i hear it, it feels inside lets do something. And it might be the last chance to do it.


No 2: Kanne Karmanye (Life of Pie)
When ever i am too heat up. This is the song to make my mind peaceful.However I didn’t know the word or meaning but i love the music it has.


No 3 Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya (Mughal-e-Azam)
This song has made history in Bollywood cinema.It was the first color song at the times of 1960. It inspires me. And the song, it has dance, high quality singing, a natural beauty and expressions which are rare this days.



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