Swami Vivekanand – My True Saint

Every Morning i open my eyes and ask a simple question to my self : why are you on earth? what is your goal or karma for which you are alive this very morning. But every morning i have a simple answer : a smile. this question arise me from when i was a child and i read the story of swami Vivekananda. But my problem is I remember the question part only.

My Parents used to say that Swami Vivekananda reads the book only one time, that was his memory power. He address the people of Chicago with brothers and sisters, which shows that he was far away from religion bonds. He was able to accept all people at that time but we still can not call our neighbor a friend.

this post have his image too, It shows the confident personalty of him. Generally Saints are away from human world and they like to be near to their god but very few are, such as swami Vivekananda, live in the society and tries to improve the society within.


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