x men days of future & past Review

x men days of future & past Review

When I was searching for the poster i see this image and i choose it as this movie is all about only this characters life.x-men series is always centered around one or two characters though all two worlds of human and mutants are dependent on them.

the story base is secret of the movie. But I can only say humans have made such machine which can not destroy and they are hunting mutants and their helpers. The key to stop them is in past and logan needs to stop what happened 50 years ago.How he stops and all about machines, for that you need to see the movie.

Story is unbelievable, and you can’t complain when marvel is directing something. Only thing that let down is 3d. It starts with a boom, makes your expectation high and then just disappears.Plus the movie is long too comparatively¬† Godzilla or the Amazing Spider-man 2.


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