kochadaiyaan Review


One legend had born but was killed before completing his task and his son completes his task and takes revenge. The story moves around this thought.

When superstar are performing you can’t judge the performance. But story portion is week. direction tries to surprise you some where around. But the animation takes all away from the movie. I might have more expectation from them in animation. It looks like toys were put in front of you.

Heropanti Review

Heropanti Review

What can you say.There are both the side and both looks write at there point of view. One side is a father or a don who wants her daughter to be obedient and other side is the youth daughter who wants her own life. All the story moves around this conflict. in that situation comes the hero and how the situations are handled by him is the movie all about.

I have seen the original movie too. based on that i would say they have done well in each section, especially in music. i like few songs. there is only positives through the movie whether its characters, story or even messages.

x men days of future & past Review

x men days of future & past Review

When I was searching for the poster i see this image and i choose it as this movie is all about only this characters life.x-men series is always centered around one or two characters though all two worlds of human and mutants are dependent on them.

the story base is secret of the movie. But I can only say humans have made such machine which can not destroy and they are hunting mutants and their helpers. The key to stop them is in past and logan needs to stop what happened 50 years ago.How he stops and all about machines, for that you need to see the movie.

Story is unbelievable, and you can’t complain when marvel is directing something. Only thing that let down is 3d. It starts with a boom, makes your expectation high and then just disappears.Plus the movie is long too comparatively  Godzilla or the Amazing Spider-man 2.

The Xpose Review


A murder mystery of upcoming heroin is the base of the story.All other characters have their own connection to her and reason to kill her. But who has murdered her is the suspense. This movie is inspired by true story.

The picture is all about 60’s life style of Bollywood. The director has worked very well on it. The story is average but songs have made it look good on screen. about performances, they were controlled as not look overacting and just reminds the legends of Bollywood. The negative point is length of the movie and so many characters. it makes movie very slow pace.

Godzilla Review


A creature beyond time limit,named Godzilla, returns to our world. Why? What is its life’s purpose? How it was alive? what powers do it has? this questions answer is base of the story. Something unique than pacific rim.

I would say very simple but best script according the idea. it has characters, action, emotion and a goal. Each character has has contributed well. direction and cinematography and sound effects  is awesome throughout the movie.

Hawaa Hawaai Review


Open a newspaper. go to sports page. There in the corner right side is the story of Hawaa Hawaai. i have seen it sometimes that some kid has won some level championship but we never understand what it takes. this movie takes us to that.I understand that all sport champion of any stage has something in him/her and we should respect them.

Lets get back to review then i have no word than wow. what a story idea, scripting ,direction, feelings and most of all very well presentation. It feels slow sometimes in the movie but every moment of the movie is saying something. Each picture has its own message. Its all about dream, if you know the value of a dream this movie is only made for you.

Purani Jeans Review


The base of the story is a group of guys from a small tow and having own issues.Then something happens and it breaks and in the end everything become normal again.

If you are still fit then purani jeans will make you fill comfortable but if you are overweight it will not fit you.same goes for movie, they have tried that it looks a group of friends which didn’t work.then they try for love triangle which also goes against movie story.and that was not enough so they insert songs which makes movie lengthy. at the end movie became disaster that’s all i can say.