Revolver Rani Review


A lady as a gangster and same time she can be a simple child who is desperate for love and care. A thought is base of the story and executed very well throughout the movie.

Kangana has played this role outstandingly. other characters have supported very well. only thing that makes the movie unbalance is lack of a popular or stronger villain characters. villains are looking like clowns throughout the movie.

Kaanchi Review


A corrupted system vs a desperate individual who wants revenge. The base of the story is good but repetitive. The direction of the movie is very good.

About the performances, Kaanchi’s role is played very well but the supporting role sometimes irritate. First half of the movie is very slow moving which makes it lengthy while the second is in full speed which makes story some interesting. The songs suits the situations well.

2-States Review


story is based on Chetan bhagat’s best seller novel “2-states” with some modification to original writing. I have read the book and i just can say they have tried their best to make it not repetitive.


Alia looks good but i feel  Arjun didn’t fit to emotional stuff. The good thing in the movie is mostly focus on relationship and what are expectations of parents  from their child. The end has been modified but happy ending is what people wants.

Bhootnath Returns Review


What happens if a “Bhoot” stands in an election? Very innovative idea and what are the election , is baseline of Bhootnath Returns.

“Acting Main to Hum Tumhare baap Lagte hai …” Once again Amitabh Bachchan has Proved his acting. Boman irani played a super villain as a bad politician. Amazing story writing  keeps you in the movie full time. I think if they have promoted this movie much more it would have broken all records.

Youngistaan Review


A young blood enters into Indian politics and faces all the problems and survives in the end , is the base line of the story. What i like is  they have shown only politics , there is only mind games which played throughout story.

Performances are good and songs fits in the movie very well. The only thing that looses your interest  was the movie is too fast as they have tried to cover every problem of young people. the only thing i worry is due to low star cast the movie will not reach as many people as much it should reach.

Main Tera Hero Review


A love trio story with lots of laughing moments , one or two hit songs and young actors with lots of overacting, that’s all Main Tera Hero is.

Movie’s first half is entertaining , action pack and some what different. In second part movie becomes lengthy and boring with unnecessary songs and characters . poor dialog writing for second part make it worst.

Captain america : The winter soldier Review


Hydra system still exists and it is developing within shield agency.

The story base is solid and unexpected with support of 3-D effects and super action performances.  captain and black widow tries to make moment light in first half but that’s where movie becomes very slow. Too many character with past movie or new entries make movie uneasy to watch.